Count Us In is a community of people protecting what they love from climate change before it is too late.

The project

Our mission over the next decade is to mobilize 1 billion people to take practical steps that when aggregated, will make a significant impact in reducing carbon pollution and challenge leaders to act boldly to deliver global systems change.

The aim

We’re asking citizens everywhere to take practical steps to reduce their carbon impact and persuade others to do the same.

It begins with everyone committing to one of our 16 steps; talking about it with their friends; keeping it up, and tracking their progress through our platform; and when they’re ready, taking another.

The leadership team

Count Us In has been initiated by a diverse group of organizations committed to incubating a global community that goes beyond a single name, brand or organizational objective.

Convened by Countdown, Count Us In has been developed with partners, including:

The 16 Steps citizen platform is powered by Do Nation and designed by Fjord, Wonderlab and Something More Near. The Count Us In aggregator has been built by Accenture.

We know that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity faces. We are standing up to be counted.

Leaders’ Quest Foundation UK (UK registered charity 1104192) has legal and fiduciary responsibility for Count Us In, including budgets, managing income and expenditure, reporting to donors, and overseeing contracts with suppliers. Its Trustees’ biographies can be found here.

  • “I want Florida to stay above water”
  • “Én azokért cselekszem akiket aránytalanul érint”
  • “Because I believe in the power of us”
  • “Pour un futur plus vert et durable”
  • “I’m doing it for my kids”
  • “Żeby dobrze żyć”
  • “Because I know change is possible”
  • “Before the wildfires take everything”
  • “Für unsere Zukunft”
  • “To keep our family farm alive”
  • “Pentru că vreau să simt că sunt parte din soluție”
  • “A world my grandchildren can enjoy”
  • “Parce que chaque action compte”
  • “Jotta kaikilla olisi parempi tulevaisuus”
  • “Pour encore avoir de la neige à Noël”