Inspire your community to protect what they love

The window for action on climate is small. Use Count Us In Communities to engage your teams.

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Why join Count Us In Communities?

The window for action on climate is small. Use Count Us In Communities to engage your teams.

Connect your people

Connect your people to your climate and net zero ambitions

Measure your impact

Measure the impact of their action and engagement

Empower and upskill

Enable your climate enthusiasts to drive change

How does it work?

Use the Count Us In Communities climate action platform to help your people take meaningful steps that reduce carbon pollution and add up to something bigger.

Design your programme

We help you customize your community hub; add branding, tailor content, set up teams

Communicate and engage

Our toolkits and resources help you launch with a bang, and keep people engaged

See teams in action

Our in-built game features encourage people to start making changes

Share your impact

We measure your community’s carbon impact in real time and provide rich data

Take a step outside of your work community

Great and small, we can all help protect what we love.

If your workplace isn’t involved in Count Us In Communities you can still make changes that matter alongside the Count Us In global community. What are you waiting for?

Who’s used Count Us In Communities?

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Find Your Community

  • Small child riding small red bike to walk and cycle more
  • Woman holding a polkadot umbrella outside in a park
  • Tagliare Gli Sprechi Alimentari, red tomato
  • Boy eating a red apple to eat more plants
  • Vlieg minder, airplane
  • Two teachers stood in front of a chalkboard
  • Woman repairing clothes, reciclagem e reparo
  • Small child holding an electric charger next to a black electric car
  • Hablar con los políticos
  • Woman doing yoga on top of hill, switch your energy
  • Woman on a mountaintop, Isoler votre maison
  • Man stood in front of newly fitted solar panels, Get some solar
  • Fruit and veg by a bin, Réduire le gaspillage alimentaire
  • Group holding up clothes, Purta haine pentru a rezista