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Count Us In is building the world’s largest community of people, organizations and platforms taking practical action on climate change.

Images of people all other world taking steps to reduce their climate pollution

All of us taking steps each day

Addressing climate change is one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced. We know that we all need to work together across regions, beliefs and ways of life to make it happen.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, what you do matters. So take a deep breath and know that together, we can do this. And that you can play your part.

  • TedX Glasgow and Restless Development
  • Low Carbon City and Flip Flopi
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement and Bare Necessities
  • Forest Green Rovers and Extara
  • UN Live and BT


Across the world, organizations and groups are signing up to inspire their communities with the information and support they need to get involved.

  • Our stubborn optimists
  • Our stubborn optimists


Helping to inspire millions of people around the world, our Stubborn Optimists are paving the way for change and want you to join them too.

To achieve our mission, we need the help of many more partners, large and small. If you are an organization please get in touch to explore how you can become part of our community and add up to something bigger.

  • Landmarks in Cyprus and Romania
  • Landmarks in Austria and Belgium
  • Landmarks in Slovenia and Estonia
  • Landmarks in Denmark and Portugal
  • Landmarks in Italy and Ireland
  • Landmarks in Greece and Hungary
  • Landmarks in Lithuania and Bulgaria
  • Landmarks in Germany and Latvia
  • Landmarks in France and Czech Republic
  • EU Flag and Landmarks in Finland
  • Landmarks in Spain and Croatia

The European Commission
Supports impact at scale

On December 16 2020, Count Us In has announced a new partnership with the European Climate Pact to empower citizens across Europe to be a part of our movement.

  • “Pentru că vreau să simt că sunt parte din soluție”
  • “I’m doing it for my kids”
  • “I want Florida to stay above water”
  • “Because I know change is possible”
  • “Pour encore avoir de la neige à Noël”
  • “Én azokért cselekszem akiket aránytalanul érint”
  • “Before the wildfires take everything”
  • “Jotta kaikilla olisi parempi tulevaisuus”
  • “Żeby dobrze żyć”
  • “Because I believe in the power of us”
  • “Pour un futur plus vert et durable”
  • “A world my grandchildren can enjoy”
  • “Für unsere Zukunft”
  • “Parce que chaque action compte”
  • “To keep our family farm alive”