EU Climate Pact

Europe Acts Together

The European Climate Pact and the global campaign Count Us In are joining forces to inspire citizens and communities across Europe to take practical actions in their world to reduce carbon pollution on our planet.

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  • Family cutting their food waste
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  • Man riding a bike in the Netherlands
  • Man in Germany growing plants
  • Friends in snow in Finland
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Taking practical steps

The European Climate Pact has been set up to inform, inspire and foster cooperation on climate issues between people and organisations across the EU.

Count Us In have partnered with the Climate Pact to help Europeans take a step to reduce their own carbon footprint – from talking to friends, walking and cycling more, reducing food waste, to insulating a home to save energy.

Individuals and communities will be able to track how much carbon they’ve saved, come together with their friends or colleagues to reach carbon saving targets, and challenge others to get involved.

Making changes that matter

Selected in collaboration with the UNEP, these 16 steps are the most effective way to reduce your carbon pollution and persuade others to do the same.

the 16 steps to protect what you love
  • “To keep our family farm alive”
  • “I’m doing it for my kids”
  • “Before the wildfires take everything”
  • “Żeby dobrze żyć”
  • “I want Florida to stay above water”
  • “Én azokért cselekszem akiket aránytalanul érint”
  • “Für unsere Zukunft”
  • “Pentru că vreau să simt că sunt parte din soluție”
  • “Pour encore avoir de la neige à Noël”
  • “Jotta kaikilla olisi parempi tulevaisuus”
  • “Pour un futur plus vert et durable”
  • “Parce que chaque action compte”
  • “A world my grandchildren can enjoy”
  • “Because I believe in the power of us”
  • “Because I know change is possible”