Green Your Money


Your decision on where to keep, save and invest your money is more powerful than you might think. Deciding where to save and invest can reduce your carbon pollution while giving your money a chance to get better returns and send a clear signal to the markets.



Whether it’s for savings, a current account, pension or fund, the financial institutions who hold onto your money are investing it on your behalf. And in many cases, financial institutions still invest heavily in carbon-polluting industries - meaning that your money might be indirectly supporting them. The numbers are hard to calculate so we currently don’t assign a number to this step - although experts like Move Your Money suggest it can amount to 27 times the effect of other major steps like giving up flying.

Greening your money can have other benefits, too. Evidence shows that sustainable, resilient, well-run companies are more likely to perform better in the long run. Many financial institutions are offering more choices in ethical investments, allowing you to use your money to support causes you believe in and avoid those you don’t.


All your money has potential

It’s not just pension funds and investment accounts. Any institution where you store your money, even your everyday bank account, is investing money on your behalf and could be investing to have a positive impact.

Find out what they’re doing with your money

Ask your financial institution about their responsible banking policies or find out how they rank in independent research. If you can, tell them where to invest - many institutions may have ethical funds available but those funds are not always the default choice. You might not always be able to tell them how to invest it - in this can but you can decide to move your money to a different institution that you can trust.

Check with a financial advisor to find out which funds can make your money work harder for you, your community and the natural world.


Carbon impact of moving your money:
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