Speak Up At Work


It’s hard to put it into numbers, but we know that getting your colleagues involved with Count Us In will be one of the fastest ways to multiply your personal impact on carbon pollution. Talk to your colleagues to encourage them to sign up to Count Us In as individuals, or join forces to reduce your company’s carbon pollution as a whole.



Businesses around the world will play a crucial part in ensuring that we all reduce our carbon pollution. When we come together with colleagues our impact is multiplied - and we create the power to persuade others. Taking action at work doesn’t just reduce your carbon pollution, it helps to shape better jobs, and create companies we’re all proud to work for.

There are other benefits too. Talking to others might help you get to know your team members in a different way, improve your CV, learn new skills and even provide encouragement as you try to complete your own steps.



In many countries, an overwhelming majority of people are worried about climate change - but they often assume other people aren’t. Or they don’t know what they can do to make a real difference. This is where you can help.

Try to start the conversation by talking about the things that matter most to your colleagues or organisation as a whole, and explore how taking steps on Count Us In can help them protect the things they love, or improve their lives day-to-day.

If you are looking for more detailed guidance on how to talk about carbon pollution, see Climate Outreach’s Talking Climate guide

Company-wide initiatives

If you are able to, consider talking to decision-makers about how your organisation as a whole can participate in this project. This might involve coordinated efforts to promote Count Us In amongst your staff, signing up to the Business Ambition for 1.5ºC or working with Count Us In to set up your own pages on our platform. Please contact our Partners team if you want to find out more.