Stubborn Optimists

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Inspiring citizens and organisations around the world to take meaningful steps to protect what they love.

Our stubborn optimists

Driving global action

Helping to inspire millions of people around the world, our Stubborn Optimists are leading by doing – and they want you to join them too.

Count Us In is fuelled by a community of like-minded individuals who believe that, with the grit and determination that characterises a stubbornly optimistic mindset, we can protect what we love from the worst effects of climate change.

Our community of Stubborn Optimists are leading by example, taking steps to reduce their carbon pollution, building solutions to tackle climate change and are committed to encouraging others in their networks to do so too. Together, we are working with leaders around the world to shape key decisions that will help us achieve our climate goals.

Take a step and talk about it

Keep it up and take another

  • “Because I believe in the power of us”
  • “Jotta kaikilla olisi parempi tulevaisuus”
  • “Pour encore avoir de la neige à Noël”
  • “To keep our family farm alive”
  • “I want Florida to stay above water”
  • “Because I know change is possible”
  • “Én azokért cselekszem akiket aránytalanul érint”
  • “Pour un futur plus vert et durable”
  • “Before the wildfires take everything”
  • “Für unsere Zukunft”
  • “A world my grandchildren can enjoy”
  • “Parce que chaque action compte”
  • “I’m doing it for my kids”
  • “Pentru că vreau să simt că sunt parte din soluție”
  • “Żeby dobrze żyć”